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Joining the PATC

The PATC continuously seeks to expand its efforts. Individuals or organizations that have an interest in the issue of human trafficking, and believe they have a skill or service that would be of use in victim assistance, outreach, or advocacy are encouraged to contact PATC.

Hugh Organ - horgan@covenanthousepa.org
Carl Hill - carl.hill@covenanthousepa.org

What Are the Expectations of Members?

The Coalition meets at least 6 times a year. Membership in the coalition is voluntary and open to organizations and individuals. We ask that all members attend at least 4 meetings annually. The PATC currently has three standing committees, and we ask that all members join a committee that best suits their individual or agency areas of expertise or interest. The committees meet during the months when there is no coalition meeting. Here is a list and description of all sub-committees.


Main purpose is to identify training gaps within our coalition and community. Identify and prepare trainers to conduct the trainings. Sponsor at least one training event for the entire coalition annually.


Social Service

Main purpose is to identify service gaps for victims of human trafficking and work to eliminate the gaps. Review and update service protocols for victims of trafficking.


Outreach and Advocacy

Main purpose is to identify victims of human trafficking, raise awareness about human trafficking in our area and advocate for the legislative needs of victims at the Federal, State and local level.


Faith and Religious

Main purpose is to work with religious groups from Philadelphia to raise awareness of human trafficking within their congregations. The committee also leads the Coalition’s Fathers’ Day Initiative.